April 18, 2012

Things aren't going so well for my Red Sox

While Casey has had the opportunity to pal around at Mariners' games, I've been watching the Red Sox season become unraveled. There is doom and gloom around Fenway Park. Kevin Youkilis is a zombie. Josh Beckett is a fatty. Bobby Valentine is a loon. Nick Punto... is well, Nick Punto. The BOSTON MEDIA IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!

Why did the Red Sox fall apart against the Texas Rangers? Well...

1. Because they're good - they've made the World Series the past two years, their lineup is a who's-who's of offensive power.

2. Bobby V didn't help with his Youkilis comments - While I think this story is blown out of proportion, the Sox have been winless since the comments. While I think this is a speed bump, it did take the wind out of beating Tampa Bay three out of four times.

3. Boston's pitching is a train wreck - Either the starting pitching blows up and the bullpen has to make up the difference, the starting pitching is alright but the bullpen blows it, or the starting pitching and the bullpen both suck. Either way, there's nobody on the mound in a Red Sox uniform right now that has been lights out on the mound. Throw that at Texas, an offensive powerhouse, and the results aren't good. Just wait till the Yankees get to town. Boston has the worst pitching staff in the majors right now.

Boston's record right now? 4-8. Everyone is saying it's a sinking ship and no good can come from this. They might be right but can I point one thing out, again...


I'm serious folks, the story will be different in two weeks, and again different two weeks after that. It's how baseball works. It's a marathon not a sprint. Let's not pronounce the Red Sox dead just yet. Also consider they've played some of the toughest team in the majors. The Mariners on the other hand have played the woeful Oakland Athletics. Just sayin'

Either way, lets take a chill pill and not give this season to the dead just yet.

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