April 15, 2012

World Series ring has a rally squirrel

Since Mariners fans have never seen a World Series ring, I thought I'd let you all see one up close and personal. St. Louis has gone off the tracks a little bit with their ring and have added a nice little accent... a rally squirrel.

The Cardinals received their World Series rings before Saturday's game, and each ring includes the player's name, number and the years of the Cardinals' 10 previous championships.

They also include a tiny squirrel running across home plate.

In Game 4 of last year's NL Division Series, a squirrel darted across home plate during Skip Schumaker's at-bat -- and the Busch Stadium crowd went wild.

Cardinals fans adopted the critter's image throughout the playoffs, when it was seen on T-shirts, memorabilia and images on stadium screens.

I think that's a much better idea than the rally KFC and beers that the Red Sox were planning on putting on their World Series rings this year if they won.

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