May 2, 2012

The 1994 San Diego Chargers do not have good luck

All of you have heard about Junior Seau's death by now, as he apparently committed suicide with a gunshot wound to his chest. Many people pointed to the possibility of brain damage to his head, as the physical linebacker's suicide case is not unique to former NFL players. While that has yet to be determined, NBC Sports pointed out that Seau is the eighth player from the 1994 San Diego Chargers Super Bowl team to die.

Six months ago we noted that linebacker Lew Bush had died of an apparent heart attack, only six days after his 42nd birthday, making him, at the time, the seventh member of that team to die. Defensive lineman Shawn Lee died last year of a heart attack at 44. Defensive lineman Chris Mims died in 2008 of complications from having an enlarged heart at age 38. Offensive lineman Curtis Whitley died in 2008 of a drug overdose at age 39. Linebacker Doug Miller died in 1998 after he was struck by lightning, at age 28. Running back Rodney Culver died in 1996 in the crash of ValuJet Flight 592, at age 26. Linebacker David Griggs died in 1995 in a car accident at age 28.

It's a sad ordeal any way you look at it. The NFL does have to take a long look at itself though if its former players are dying in droves before their 50. Like I said before, this is not unique and has become a familiar occurrence. However Seau is probably the most well known player to have this happen to him.

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