May 11, 2012

Red Sox fans destroy Josh Beckett

Welcome to Boston where fans are crazy. Players should understand that. People in the city care about their baseball team. So when you miss a start because of an injury, don't spend your time the next day golfing. People will lose their mind. Just like they did last night when John Daley wannabe Josh Beckett got shelled by the Cleveland Indians.

When Josh Beckett mercifully made his exit Thursday night, it wasn’t the boos that were most noticeable.

It was the fan immediately behind the Red Sox’ dugout, swinging his arms as if he were swinging a golf club.

The fact that Beckett spent an off day playing golf when he was presumably resting a strained latissimus muscle had struck the same sore spot as the chicken-and-beer situation from the Sox’ meltdown last September, particularly with the Sox returning home from Kansas City having dropped two of three to the team with the worst home record in baseball.

There was resentment in the crowd, and they aimed it at Beckett.

Now if this happened in Seattle, nothing really would happened. Fans barely blinked when Ken Griffey Jr. was taking naps in the clubhouse during games. But Boston when their team is tanking? Yeah... sorry Josh Beckett, you're going to get wrecked. The problem I have with this is that you're already coming off the KFC and beer in the clubhouse scandal, you haven't looked good to start the season and now you're golfing when you're supposed to be injured.

When you have a fan base that cares as much as Red Sox fans, you can't come across like you don't care. Beckett comes across like he doesn't care even though he's making a butt ton of money. Come on guy, this team needs leaders, it needs standout guys to take charge and you're not doing it.

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  1. My wife is a Redsox I know, start the burning fire now. However, she has never been to Redsox stadium and neither have I. I really want it to be special so we bought for tickets in section 203 "bleacher creature". For a Red Sox fan, this can be VERY intimidating arriving to a ballpark with drunk fans saying inappropriate things.