December 20, 2012

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Today is the 200th anniversary of the "Grimm's Fairy Tales". And if you've never read them, they aren't the fairy tale versions that Disney made.

(You can buy the original  Grimm's Fairy Tales here)

The "Grimm's Fairy Tales" was written by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm. And many of the stories by the brothers were first published in a collection in 1812. They now are a staple in our society.

Today's Google homepage shows the tale of  "Little Red Riding HoodGrimm's Fairy Tales ; margin: 0px !important;" width="1" />" in a version suitable for everyone.

But many of the stories that you were told as a child are made much, much more PG than the originals. Many of the Brother's Grimm tales end in blindness and punishment.

In the "Grimm" version the stepsister mutilate and cut their feet to try to make them fit into the glass slipper. Also, at Prince Charming and Cinderella's wedding the sisters eyes are pecked out by doves. Lovely wedding gift.
Another story where someone goes blind, oh and Rapunzel was 12 when she was locked in the tower. And then "a year or two later" met her prince and gave birth to twins. Disturbing that she A. was locked in a tower, B. was a 13 year old with a kid and C. had such long hair. The prince also goes blind from thorn bushes while jumping from the window.

Little Red Riding Hood
No one goes blind in this story, but in the "Grimm" version the wolf does get cut open (while alive) with a pair of scissors and then his belly filled with rocks until he dies. She also met a 2nd wolf who she drowned in a pot of water.

If you want to read more, just buy the book! It's seriously interesting to see how the original stories went.

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