December 29, 2012

I'm Jumping on the Seahawks Bandwagon!

Since my Tennessee Titans are... well awful, I'll have very little to root for this postseason. Normally, I would just switch to the NBA and call it good - making fun of Kobe and getting all in a flutter when Blake Griffin dunks.

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But I have to cast my interests somewhere this NFL playoff season, otherwise I'll be the only male in North America not watching football. The team I've decided to root for wasn't a tough choice since they're literally an hour and a half up the road from me. Yes, I'm jumping on the Seattle Seahawks bandwagon.

Now Casey already warned you about potential bandwagon-ers and I'd just like to say that "I'M HERE." Because really how can you not watch the Seahawks this postseason?

1. Up and Coming Quarterback - Russell Wilson is having one of the best seasons in NFL history for a Rookie. Normally, Seahawks fans are used to rookies being like Rick Mirer. Not anymore! Pete Carroll has found a guy that's incredibly fun to watch and has gotten better as the season progresses. It's going to be fun to watch Wilson do his thing in a playoff setting.

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2. A Defense that scares me - They actually hurt people. Watching the 49ers game last Sunday, they were much more physical than San Francisco. It was a whole different level of punishment for the San Fran offense.

3. A coach that makes other fans mad - The Seahawks are running up the score! Pete Carroll left USC because of NCAA sanctions! He's just wants to win no matter what! Tell me why this is a problem?

4. Seahawks fans are always drunk and bully people - And I don't want to be bullied.

5. Marshawn Lynch is the best running back in Seahawks history - Hands down, no contest. Move over Shaun Alexander.

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