December 13, 2012

Seahawks Busting Out New Grey Uniforms

The Seahawks have announced that they'll wear their alternative "Wolf Grey" uniforms this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. While Seattle has already been sporting their new duds all year, thanks to a massive redesign by Nike, this will be the second time in team history the Seahawks have worn something outside of their normal home and away jerseys. Check out the photo above. (and get your own new Seahawks Jersey here)

The last time the Seahawks did an alternative jersey was back in 2009 when they did their lime green crimes against humanity. Here's a photo of them...

Ewww... thank god they never wore those again. I don't think Seahawks fans have to worry about the Grey uniforms embarrassing the team like these lime green ones did. Since the new uniforms have been so well received and since this is just a minor color alteration, I would assume these uniforms would look fine. The uniforms look really good on television and that's all that really matters. (If you want to buy a lime green version of the new uniforms, click here.)

Jersey sales have been up 274% since the Hawks unveiled their new design but that's probably because every NFL fan wants to look cool and up to date around all his other NFL fans. Alternative jerseys and redesigns are a bit of a racket to boost sales, but that doesn't stop the fans.

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