January 30, 2013

Americans Believe God Has Decided Outcome in Sports

Heading into the Super Bowl we've been getting plenty of heapings of god from former charged-with-murder man Ray Lewis. Naturally he's now also been tied to performance enhancing drugs which he calls a "trick of the devil" or something like that. I would hope that most American sports fans can waddle through all the god talk by athletes that live a lifestyle that is anything but Christian.

But since sports is essentially entertainment for the masses... it doesn't mean their fans are considerably bright either. Over a quarter of American sports fans believe that god has helped decide the outcome of a sporting event, meaning god apparently loves steroid users?

Perhaps the most shocking is that 27 percent of those polled—more than a quarter—believe that "God plays a role in determining which team wins a sporting event." Watch a game with three of your buddies. Odds are that one of you wholeheartedly believes that God has a vested interest in the outcome of the game, and will influence it to get His way. This could really throw off Vegas's lines. ... There's variation across respondents. Minority Christians and white Evangelicals, as well as Southerners, are the most likely to believe God cares about sporting events and athletes; the religiously unaffiliated, and people from the West and the Northeast, are the least likely to agree.

(sigh) At least we're part of the godless masses up here in the Northwest. If you think for a second that the supreme creator of this universe - that's so large that light is just now getting to Earth from 14.5 billion light years across the galaxy - cares about a little football game, you're delusional.

Another part of the survey said that 53 percent believed that god rewarded athletes that had good faith. I'm curious to find out if these are the same good faith athletes that get caught with prostitutes a week before the Super Bowl.

(Or maybe the true Christian athletes don't go out to clubs, get drunk, get a baby mama, get shot, get into drugs, get into trouble with the team and then the league. A natural cause and effect?)

I'm pretty sure God is doing a facepalm right about now, or just every time Ray Lewis speaks.

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