January 23, 2013

Shawn Kemp thinks Sonics fans are better than Kings fans

Naturally, Kemp was on Seattle Radio when he said that, but hey! The man is one of the greatest NBA Jam players ever so how can you question him? Kemp feels bad that the people of Sacramento are losing their NBA team, but thinks that the Sonics have better fans. So go eff yourself Kings fans.

I think we should have sympathy for some of the Sacramento Kings fans, because they have some good fans in that area. We just have bigger and better fans in this northwest area.

Kemp also made a valid point that the Sacramento situation just reeks of the Seattle situation just a few years ago. That doesn't bode well for Kings fans. He does have a ton of respect (as I think most people do) for Sac. mayor Kevin Johnson.

As we saw the Sonics go through this a few years ago, lose their team, and the fans were hurting. … You'll probably see the same thing in Sacramento. He's not trying to have that on his record, so he's going to try to do everything possible to get a deal done and try to change some things. But I just think it's a little bit too late.

There are some serious ethical questions for Sonics fans at the thought of stealing another city's team, but in this current climate of the NBA - is this the only way? Maybe.

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