February 18, 2013

Mississippi Officially Bans Slavery

Well... that took some time.

Mississippi ratified the 13th amendment on Feb. 7, meaning that in 2013, it officially ended slavery. The reason? The movie "Lincoln." A specialist at the University of Mississippi saw the flick and started digging into the state's ratification of the 13th amendment.

Georgia gave the amendment the three-fourths' vote it needed in December 1865, according to the Clarion-Ledger. Mississippi, Delaware Kentucky and New Jersey rejected the amendment. Kentucky ratified the amendment on March 18, 1976 after rejecting it on Feb. 24, 1865.

The specialist, Ken Sullivan, found out that Mississippi lawmakers voted to ratify the amendment in 1995, but never sent the necessary paperwork to the Office of the Federal Register, according to the Clarion-Ledger report published Sunday.

Sullivan contacted the Mississippi Secretary of States' office in late January, and the Senate resolution was sent to the federal government.

Mississippi has never had the reputation of being the country's most progressive states, so this isn't... surprising...

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