February 22, 2013

Things aren't going so well for Robert Swift

Remember the Sonics' former savior Robert Swift? He was Seattle's first round draft pick in 2004 right out of college (Back when the NBA Draft had morphed into a weird "pick any kid you want from high school" phase) and had his best year in 2005 when he averaged 5 rebounds and 6 rebounds a game.

Now? Not so good. The Thunder renounced their rights to Swift in 2009, and he joined the NBDL Bakersfield Jam but played only two games and left because of personal reasons. He played in Japan between 2010-11 but has since run into even more trouble.

Swift's house was recently foreclosed despite him making an estimated $20 million during his NBA career. He refuses to leave, however, and the new home owner has had to deal with it.

"And it seems like a very sad story and I definitely feel for him," said the new owner, who wanted to hide her identity.

She thought she knew what she was getting when she bought the foreclosed home in January.

Cans of beer dot the grass outside the home. A bullet hole pierced the garage window at some point.

"Cars that don't look like they've moved in a long time," she noted.

Water festers in buckets outside of what was once a million dollar home in a wealthy Eastside suburb.

Well I guess the new Sonics won't be needing him for any more savior duties...

(Here's a Robert Swift autographed card, worth all of the 13 dollars)

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