March 20, 2013

They aren't rooting for Montana in Montana

Deadspin did a map county-by-county of who is rooting for who in the NCAA Tournament via Facebook. As you can see there are a lot of homers and raging front-runners in this country. The first thing I looked at was how Gonzaga did and as you can see they had a clean sweep of the state of Washington and did a number on Oregon and Idaho.

Also have you noticed how many people are UNC fans in this country? I thought Duke fans were all over but apparently I was wrong. Look at UNC... they're in the entire south and northeast, the midwest and parts of California, Utah, Oregon and Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii. Wow.

And last... look at Montana. The Griz are a 13 seed in the tournament and you'd think the state would be whipped up in a frenzy. Instead there are a whopping two counties in the entire state that are rooting for Montana. One is Missoula county the other is some eastern part of the state, I actually think that might be where Bozeman is located. The rest is UNC, Gonzaga, Syracuse (??? the team the Griz will be playing) and then a few counties where I'm assuming Facebook doesn't exist.

What's the deal Montana, shouldn't you have better fans?

(Get your Griz gear here.)

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  1. Thanks Deadspin for using similar colors for different teams - makes this map basically unreadable