April 12, 2013

Game 11 - Felix's start goes down the tubes

Well at least the Mariners didn't lose to the worst paid team in baseball again. Texas handed Seattle a 4-3 loss and the M's squandered yet another quality Felix Hernandez start. Don't worry, this team is only ranked 27th in the league in batting average.

For a while during the game, you were kind of lulled in a "Hey! The M's are hanging with the Rangers!" but then reality set in when they scored a couple of runs. And that's all it takes to beat the Mariners these days... a couple of runs.

But this was a Hernandez start! Problem is, I don't think they were able to give away all of those free-Felix t-shirts since only 22,000 fans showed up. I think the t-shirts were for the first 25,000 fans. Oh well. Felix did strike out 5 and got to the 1,500 Ks milestone, but Texas rallied for 2 runs in fifth inning and the Seattle bats predictably could not comeback. That's the second straight start where Felix has been good and the M's couldn't capitalize.

To make matters worse Mike Morse broke fractured his finger and will be out for 7 days. You know the only guy in the Mariners lineup that can hit home runs?

Against Texas, we can only hope for a win by the M's with Iwakuma on the mound tonight - because I don't think the back end of the rotation has it in them to get by the might Rangers. The only problem is that Iawkuma is facing "almost threw a perfect game" Yu Darvish. So there's that.

For some perspective on how bad the Mariners offense is right now, think about this. Only three batters in the lineup are hitting .250 or above and two are hitting below .200. They may look like a major league ballclub but they hit like sh**.

(Here's how you Mariner fans can deal with depression.)

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