April 17, 2013

Game 15 - The ghost of Doug Fister

Doug Fister? Remember that guy? He used to pitch for the Mariners. He used to be a really good pitcher for the Mariners.

Then Seattle shipped him off to Detroit for pitchers Charlie Furbush and Chance Ruffin, outfielder Casper Wells and Francisco Martinez. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go do something real quick. Obviously that has shaken out to be a really bad trade for Seattle. Furbush is the only guy in that trade still on the team and he doesn't exactly instill shutdown confidence in the fans when he trots out to the mound.

Fister went seven innings on Tuesday, striking out five and allowing four hits and 2 runs. The Tigers downed the M's 6-2. A quality start for a guy that had plenty while wearing a Mariners jersey. Mariners starter Aaron Harang didn't do too bad either, going five innings and allowing 3 runs while striking out. The big problem though... was the Detroit offense. They finished with 12 hits and scored scored five unanswered runs when the Mariners took a 2-1 lead in the fourth inning.

They'll no doubt have an excellent season. Have you seen that lineup? Good lord. Offense that only Mariners fans can dream about.

Mike Morse is back from his finger injury and drove in a run as did Kendrys Morales - the two guys in the M's lineup doing anything. Dustin Ackley was probably playing World of Warcraft in between at bats and his batting average is now a stunning .114.

If the Tigers sweep the Mariners in this series don't be suprised. They're a really good squad.

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