April 10, 2013

Sherman says half the NFL uses Adderall

Oh Richard Sherman, is there anything you WONT say?

The celebrated Seahawks cornerback who is quite good at his job (ask Skip Bayless) has been known to run his mouth - and has just come out to say that half the NFL uses Adderall. You'll remember that Sherman tested positive for this substance last season but was cleared from suspension when he said there were irregularities in the tesing process. He also said that he mistakenly drank a cup with a crushed Adderall pill in it.

Now he has come out and said that Adderall use is quite common in the league.

Following a day working with elementary school students in Surrey, British Columbia on Tuesday, Sherman told the Vancouver Sun that Adderall use is so prevalent in the NFL, the league should remove it from the list of banned substances.

“About half the league takes it and the league has to allow it," Sherman said of Adderall use in the NFL. "The league made a mistake in my case. Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn’t do anything. There are still naysayers out there who don’t believe me. But I accept it. If everybody loves you, it probably means you’re not much of a player."

The better move would be probably be to just be quiet and let the whole Adderall thing blow over but this drug, used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy, could be another villain wrapped up in the veil of pro sports. NFL players can use this drug if they provide the proper paperwork but Adderall is considered highly addictive. If he's right, this is a more serious problem for players than just failing drug tests. How many players are addicted?

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