February 13, 2008

Some are cheap, some are not

The New England Patriots have raised their ticket prices. My guess that is too help buy Bill Belichick a hoodie that he didn't steal from the homeless man in the parking lot.

Well, with the ticket increase, where does this put the Patriots in the standings for most expensive tickets in the NFL? Congrats, you may have lost the Super Bowl, but you win this!

Here's the Top 5:

1. New England- Well, they do win games. And Boston does love their sports. I bet they could charge a $1,000 bucks a game and still sell out every game.

2. Washington- One of the NFL's most storied franchises. Also, one of the most expensive tickets each season. Now we'll have to see if Zorn can get them past the Wild Card round.

3. Chicago- I would expect that these prices take a bit of a hit after the lackluster year the Bears had this season. Da Bears!

4. Tampa Bay- Are they still trying to pay off that stadium? Yeah, the one with the HUGE pirate ship in it. Amazing.

5. Philadelphia- These people love their sports teams. The Eagles, the Phillies. Too bad both are a disappointment each year.

And now the bottom 5:

28. Jacksonville- After the 2007 season, and the future this team has, these tickets will become a hot commodity in Florida. Almost hotter than the babes on Daytona Beach. Almost.

29. New Orleans- Well, they had one good year. But then again, the fans that could make it to a game couldn't exactly empty their wallets for a game. Now they stink again. But there is hope, they play in the NFC South, which has a new Champion each season.

30. Cleveland- This one is surprising. Browns fans go to every game, and are always supportive. I bet these tickets could be one of the more expensive in the league and still sell out.

31. San Francisco- The fans in the Bay haven't had to worry about ticket prices since the Young/Rice tandum left. And that was many many moons ago.

32. Buffalo- 2000: 8-8, 2001: 3-13, 2002: 8-8, 2003: 6-10, 2004: 9-7, 2005: 5-11, 2006: 7-9, 2007: 7-9.....in other words, they haven't been good for a really long time.

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