August 14, 2008


Since my alma mater, Eastern Washington University, plays in the highest level of collegiate football with a playoff system, the Football Championship Subdivision, I have found myself with an open slot for a Football Bowl Subdivision team to root for.

I figured I would also enjoy rooting for a big program to win six games and make it to the Chicken of the Sea Bowl, or perhaps win 10 games and get shut out of the national championship game in order to make room for Ohio State to choke again.

However, I can’t run my allegiance with Washington State since everyone is a Cougar fan around these parts. Rooting for the Washington Huskies is a fate worse than death. Oregon State has sports bra uniforms and are therefore automatically taken off the list, and I can’t root for the Oregon Ducks because their uniforms remind me of the movie Tron.

Which leaves Idaho.

It makes perfect sense for me to root for the Vandals since (a) the first college football game I ever watched was at the Kibbie Dome, a barn-burner against EWU (The Eagles won 8-5), and (b) Idaho fans could probably use a few more bodies to bolster their ranks at this juncture in time.

So I’ll be loading up Idaho as my favorite team on NCAA Football ‘09, writing long forum posts about how much Boise State is the spawn of Satan and probably invest in a couple Vandals polos and twill baseball caps.

And I’ll also be writing about my experiences as a new Vandal fan, so stay tuned as Idaho runs through their 2008 football schedule.

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