August 28, 2008

It's Gametime Baby!

It's finally here! I've been waiting since February for this moment. The day football finally begins again. We have to wait a little longer for the pros to hit the field, but college ball started tonight. And what a way to start!

I have a cousin that goes to the University of South Carolina, and he had been hyping this game between the Gamecocks and North Carolina State. He was pretty excited for the national spotlight for his school. And as the game wore on, he deserved to be. The Gamecocks won handily at 34-0.

Another big opening day match up came within the PAC-10. Oregon State (not wearing their sport bra uniforms much to Brandon's disappointment) got started on wrong foot. Loosing to...wait for it...wait for it...yes, the Beavers dropped this game to Stanford 36-28. Stanford of all schools! They're supposed to be the team PAC-10 teams get excited to play, cause they know it will be a win. Wait, that's now Washington State or Washington. Sad day.

The University of Miami won. But nobody cares.

Number 23 Wake Forest lived up to the hype that's been building around the Demon Deacons with a 41-13 crushing of Baylor. The team looked very good, but don't get too excited. Cause it was the Bears of Baylor and Baylor never wins. The only football team worse than them could be Duke. And Duke doesn't even know where the endzone is.

Georgia Tech beat Jacksonville State (which is lead by quarterback Ryan Perrilloux) HAHAHA. Sorry. Anyway, Tech won 41-14.

UConn beat Hofstra. Who the heck is Hofstra? Is this a made up place? Kinda like Oz? Allow me to visit the most trusted Wikipedia.

Hofstra University is a private, nonsectarian, coeducational institution of higher learning located in Hempstead, Long Island, New York (USA) founded in 1935 on the basis of the estate of wealthy lumber magnate William S. Hofstra (1861-1932) and his (second) wife Kate Mason (1854-1933). The school began as a college of New York University and in 1937 became an independent school called Hofstra College,[1] later changing its name to Hofstra University in 1963.

In other words, a bunch of rich, preppy kids. Way to go UConn. Really soak this one in.

And lastly, Vanderbilt beat the other Miami (the one in Ohio with out all the bikini clad women) 34-13. But their quarterback Chris Nickson looked great doing it. On the way to the win he rushed for 166 yards, two touchdowns and threw in another one. Not a bad first day.

Man I'm glad it's fall.

Alright, I'm off to join Shaggy and Scooby for another zaney adventure in the Mystery Machine. No seriously though. I'm off on an adventure. I'll keep you posted.

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