August 20, 2008

Tall men more fun than a subway full of monkeys

China has the Olympics, now they again have the tallest man in the world.

China's Bao Xishun reclaimed the title of "Tallest man in the World" when Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk refused to be measured under new guidelines.

The new rules state that the man needs to measured six times throughout the day. And while Xishun may enjoy the spotlight, Stadnyk did not.

Bao, who stands at 7 feet, 8.95 inches, held the title for a year before losing it in 2006 to Stadnyk, who is 8 feet 5.5 inches tall.

And who says the Chinese are short?!? I can't even imagine being that tall.

"From up here, everybody look like ants!"

In other news, Brett Favre is now a New York Jet. Wait, you already knew that? Oh, right. Then why in the world is everybody still fascinated with him!?!?!?! Enough already.

In other news that nobody cares about, the Mayor of Mount Isa, Australia angered many local women when he invited "beauty-disadvantaged women" to move to the mining town.

The mayor said he was "telling it like it is" in a testosterone-laden town more famous for cowboys and mining lead, silver, copper and zinc than for match-making."

Cut the guy some slack people. He was just trying to get a date for New Year's this year. And not Bubba this time.

And lastly, a Tokyo monkey avoided a dozen police at a subway station for two hours before escaping in a crowd of excited children.

"It's a monkey - it's not like it did anything bad," a police spokesman said, adding that the animal was still on the loose.

Good call police spokesman. It is a monkey. And yes, it flings poo. Glad to see that Tokyo's cops are really cracking down on that monkey crime spree.

"Hey, shouldn't we be stopping that guy who is robbing that lady"
"No way man. We have to stop that monkey from being a monkey."

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