November 29, 2008

This Saturday in College Football

With the stewing BCS blowup about to happen, let's enjoy this weekend before we hear coaches talk about why their two or three loss team should have a shot at a BCS Bowl Game. Or the undefeated mid-major team in the Pineapple Conference drum up support about how great their team is only to have their head beat in by the sixth-best team in the ACC. Before all that stuff happens, lets look at the scores:

No. 18 Georgia Tech 45, No. 13 Georgia 42 - And the Bulldogs' season continues to go down the drain.

Syracuse 10, No. 16 Cincinnati 30 -The Bearcats didn't want to pull a Notre Dame here and lose to a team that's lone claim to fame is that their jerseys are also used by crossing guards.

Kansas 40, No. 12 Missouri 37 - Remember when Missouri was considered a contender for the national title? We'll they'll enjoy the Papa Murphy's Take-and-Bake Bowl.

Baylor 28, No. 7 Texas Tech 35 - What's this? The Red Raiders made a defensive stop? Ye gods...

Auburn 0, No. 1 Alabama 36 - Well this goes to prove that SEC teams beat up on one another. Yep, Auburn sure showed Alabama... the door the the BCS championship game.

No. 2 Florida 45, No. 23 Florida St. 15 - Somebody needs to tell Tim Tebow that he should be starting for the Philadelphia Eagles right now.

Maryland 21, No. 20 Boston College 28 - More proof that the ACC doesn't beat up on one another, they just lay down for one another.

No. 19 Oregon, No. 17 Oregon St. - More to add to Civil War lore, Oregon denies Oregon St. a chance to go to the Rose Bowl. This makes things all the more bitter, somebody probably got stabbed in the neck because of this game. Wouldn't that stink: getting stabbed in the neck? Ouch.

Notre Dame 3, No. 5 USC 38 - Charlie Weis tried starting the Four Horsemen but it didn't work out because the last time they suited up the forward pass wasn't legal.

No. 3 Oklahoma 61, No. 11 Oklahoma St. 41 - Oklahoma is on pace to get blown out in the BCS Championship game again.

Western Michigan 22, No. 15 Ball State 45 - This is a statement game for Ball State. That statement is: Even though we're going undefeated, we're still not going to play for a national championship.

Texas A&M 9, No. 4 Texas 49 - A&M actually stands for Awful and My god, what happen to this once proud football program.

Mississippi State 0, No. 25 Mississippi 45 - Talk about one hell of a rivalry game.

Fresno St. 10, No. 9 Boise St. 61 - The WAC again showing that they're not a one-team conference.

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