November 29, 2008

Things professional football players shouldn't be doing

Night clubs just aren't a place for NFL players. On Friday night, Plaxico Burress was shot in the thigh, accidentally, and ended up spending the night in the hospital. While he should be fine, it's still a pretty embarrassing happening in a season that's already seen him get injured and suspended.

Here's some things that NFL players just shouldn't do...

- Chop wood with an axe... and end up hitting your leg with it.
- Solicit a prostitute... and have it be an undercover cop.
- Tell people you didn't know there was a tie in the NFL... right after your team tied.
- Trip over your dog... when you're the quarterback of the team.
- Headbutt the goalposts... and give yourself a concussion.
- Hit a police officer with your vehicle... good job, Randy Moss.
- Have an underground dogfighting operation.
- Have a posse with somebody named "Mouse." For some reason Mouse always gets in trouble.
- Do an endzone dance... if you're Warren Sapp.
- Play for the Raiders... ick.

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