June 17, 2009

Anyone want to take a month paycut?

Heard this on Colin Cowhead this morning, and he said this wouldn't fly in America.

Airline employees are no strangers to furloughs and paycuts during tough economic times. But British Airways is asking employees to assist the airline in a new way to save cash: work for nothing.

After reporting its biggest full-year loss post-privatization, airline chief Willie Walsh announced he will not receive a salary for the month of July and is urging employees to follow his lead, according to The Associated Press.

"I am looking for every single part of the company to take part in some way in this cash-effective way of helping the company's survival plan. It really counts," Walsh said in a company publication, AP reports.

Now of course the airlines union is throwing a tissie fit, even though inflated union costs might be what's effecting every company in these tough economic times. This would be a voluntary pay cut and spread out over months at a time. While I would think there would be better ways to cut costs, if it's take a pay cut or lose your job because the company goes out of business - you should probably just suck it up and take the pay cut.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2009 world economy!

And like I said before, no way this happens in America, look at all the car manufacturers. Unions would rather just watch their industry come crushing down than actually trying to work with companies to take a significant pay cut.

Either way, hope you all have a good day at work!

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