June 17, 2009

JusSON would like to recommend Tim Wakefield for the All-Star Game

After today's 8-2 victory over the Florida Marlins, Boston Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield sits second in the American League in wins with 9. Here's how he stacks up:


1. Roy Halladay, TOR 10
2. Tim Wakefield, BOS 9
3. Kevin Slowey, MIN 9
4. Zack Greinke, KAN 8
5. Kevin Millwood, TEX 7 (HOLY SH**, a Texas pitcher is among the top five in pitching wins?)

Now he has had a couple of bad outings, but for the most part he has been the most consistent pitcher in the Red Sox rotation so far this season. That's saying a lot for a knuckleballer since they constantly have to battle control issues and also keep in mind that his average pitch speed is like 65 MPH.

Boston would not be in the position they are right now (1st place in the AL East) without Wakefield so far this season and it would only make sense to give this 42-year old his first All-Star game appearance. When you're pitching alongside guys like Jon Lester and Josh Beckett and you still manage to win more games than them - you're having yourself a year.

So please vote Wakefield when filling out you MLB ballot this year.

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