June 13, 2009

Can you like a dynasty?

In the word of sports there are those dynasties that you either love, or you hate. There is on mutual ground with some teams.

And the thing is, each league has their own dynasty.

*Disclaimer* The only way you can be a real fan of one of these teams is: 1) if you have rooted for them for over 10 years 2) were born near the area 3) grew up near the city they play in or 4) were grandfathered into the team by your dad liking them for his youth and passing that too you*

MLB: The New York Yankees. By far the most popular team in American (perhaps even globally. I've never visited Zimbabwe, but I'm sure the Yankees media market machine has reached there)

It's evident that JustSON is not a Yankees friendly blog. So nothing really needs to be said about this team.

No points for The Dynasty Machine.

NBA: The Los Angeles Lakers. It seems like the Lakers are always in the championship. And it seems like most of the time they are bringing said championship trophy home. They are always good and they always have superstar players. Plus, it really helps them that they are in the second largest media market. And it helps that their stands are filled with movie stars. (I wonder why no one ever likes the Clippers? Tune in for a blog about this later in the month)

No points for The Dynasty Machine.

The Rock World: Journey. Just thought I would throw this one in here. Journey is awesome. If they were a sporting team I would probably buy season tickets.

Score one for The Dynasty Machine.

NFL: The Dallas Cowboys. This is perhaps one of the cockiest franchises as well as being one of the most annoying. They have an annoying owner, an annoying new billion dollar stadium, an annoying Jessica Simpson and basicaly Dallas is just an annoying team.

JustSON has just become an anti Dallas blog now too.

No points for The Dynasty Machine.

NHL: The Detroit Red Wings. Now I'm not much of a hockey dude. And so I don't dislike this team either way, but I did root against them in these Cup finals. The Wings have plenty of winning. Pass it around. Plus, I do hate Detroit as a city because that's where the Seahawks were ROBBED of a Superbowl. But that's off topic. Boo Detroit.

No points for The Dynasty Machine.

And then that brings us to the MLS. The newest of all these leagues with their first champion being crowned in 1996. The first champion of the new league was the D.C. United. And since then D.C has won a total of four championships. So they get the dynasty tag in this league.

The only problem I have with this is the fact that the chances of winning a championship in a league of 10 teams was much greater that winning it in a league of 15 or even 18 in two years. So I believe that this dynasty tag is still up for grabs. Over the next 1o years, the team that really esablishes themselves can have this crown for the MLS.

Tie for The Dynasty Machine (since there was no real team here)

Final score for liking of a dynasty across the professional leagues: 1-4-1

Now if only the Sounders FC could rise up to claim the MLS dynasty.

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