June 13, 2009

WSU Cougars unveil new uniforms

So the WSU Cougars unveiled their new uniforms for the 2009 season and I have to say that the changes are a little underwhelming. They're still awesome uniforms mind you, but not much changes. They just switched from the "Cougar" script to the famous WSU logo on the helmet, added white pants to the away uniforms and played around with shoulder striping.

Let's play a game shall we? Home Jerseys before:

And the Home Jerseys after:

Away Jerseys before:

Away Jerseys after:

New Alternate Away Jerseys:

Again, I think the general scheme is awesome, this just isn't much of a change from the jerseys they had before. At least they didn't go back to the early stripping mess of the early 00s that made me seasick.


  1. Anyway it goes, WSU will always suck. Sure glad they stole the University of Montana's uniforms. Be proud WSU. You rock! And by rock, I mean suck.

  2. Those uniforms look a million times better then Montana's....They are clean and simple, creating a very classic look.