June 30, 2009

Could they stop screaming in tennis?

They're talking on Colin Cowherd this morning about the "noises" that woman tennis players make during matches. They've certainly been more animated in recent years and it's gotten so bad that even former tennis great Chris Evert is voicing her distaste.

"Grunting is one thing but the shrill sound that you hear with players nowadays, and especially they get louder when they hit a winner, that's the thing that I observe as a player.” Evert went on, “It is distracting when you are hearing this and I think the grunts are getting louder and more shrill now with the current players. The next time you watch say a Maria Sharapova -- the grunting is consistent but all of a sudden when she has a set up to hit a winner. I don't understand, they say you've got to blow air out when you hit the ball. Steffi Graf hit the ball a ton and she didn't grunt. There were a lot of players, hard-hitting players, and you never heard a peep out of them.”

While grunting or audible noises are nothing new to sports, listen to one sound clip of a women's tennis match and you'll understand what everyone is talking about. Not only is it annoying but it's borderline ridiculous. Evert is completely right, and these athletes need to realize that there's a line between grunting and going overboard.

Think about it, when somebody brings up women's tennis (and that happens a lot, wink wink) - the first thing that gets mentioned is the shrieking/screaming/bedroom noises that the players make.

Is this really how you want your sport marketed?

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