June 18, 2009

Fighting with co-workers over who has the coolest F-ing workstation

It seems like some unspoken competition about who has the coolest workstation. First, it's something innocent like a desk organizer where you can put your pens. Then it's a mini-filing cabinet to store files. Dual Monitors. A new desk chair with massage capabilities. Three Monitors. A computer that also makes coffee. A secretary (even though the office already has one). A small botanical garden on your mini shelf.

Then it gets ugly. People start to steal stuff like scissors, small animals and eventually they end up poisoning the rare bamboo plant somebody put on their desk for looks with ink toner.

Nobody wants to be that smuck like Casey and I who have a computer, a file organizer and a whole lot of empty, because lets face it, we both have the interior design capability of a meth addict.

Which is perfect kind of person to have their cubicle firebombed.

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