June 15, 2009

How to get to work on time

Waking up in the mornings is always tough for me. It's like trying to get an NFL lineman out of IHOP - which can be especially hard when they're armed with guns.

Since Casey and I are in what you would call the "real world" now we have to get up at ridiculously early hours to go to our jobs. Now I say ridiculously early, which means fairly early for must people but we're still in the college student mentality when 10 a.m. was getting up at the crack of dawn.

Now there's a couple of things I've managed to work out in order to get myself up in the morning and get the office on time.

(1) I set up six to seven different alarms, starting a 4:45, alternating every 15 minutes until I actually wake up. This is achieved through my cell phone, my main alarm clock and a goose named Harry that wakes me up in the morning.

(2) I sleep in the clothes I go to work in. Saves time.

(3) I've scouted out my commute to the point where I know every shortcut. Granted it means I have to drive through some old lady's lawn but it does shave a few minutes off.

(4) I pretend sometimes to not be able to tell what numbers are and I get sympathy and am allowed to come to work late.

So apply some of these things on Monday and you might find yourself enjoying the day a bit more.

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