June 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

The Sounders tie, again - I'm wondering if it's possible to win a championship by tying through the playoffs? If there is a way than I'm sure it has to happen in soccer. Because it's the only sport where you get Capri Suns and orange slices afterwards.

Nick Green is becoming Mr. Clutch for the Red Sox - A slicing shot around Pesky's pole won it for the Red Sox on Sunday, 6-5 against the Atlanta Braves. He can't stop a strongly rolled wiffle ball in the gap but he can hit. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Nick Green bandwagon!

The Mariners sweep the D-backs - That's three in a row! Go crazy folks! Nevermind its against a reeling Arizona club that's lost eight of their last 10. Details... details...

It rained - And I'm pretty sure the talest man-made structure in Spokane got hit by lightning. Boy those Wal-mart signs are tough.

The Spokane Shock played - Not sure if Tri-Cities showed up or they sent one of the high school teams, because the "Fever" was down 42-0 at halftime. Not pretty.

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