July 24, 2009

How to spot an emo girl

1. They keep referring to Spokane as a "deep, burning pit of hell" but unlike everyone else in this town that says the same thing, she thinks it's one of the place's nicer qualities.

2. Her favorite band is some obscure punk club that you're pretty sure you bought some illegal drugs off of the night before.

3. She watches more UFC than you.

4. Instead of wearing a pink Red Sox hat, she is wearing a black one where the red B is actually bleeding out onto the bill.

5. She gets pissed when you don't call her "muffin fluffles" (And contrary to popular belief, I do not call Casey this)

6. She steals eye black from the football trainers at the university.

7. She wears clever shirts with sayings you wish you would of though of, but without all the vampire figures and fake cut marks on it.

8. If you turn on the Disney Channel she punches you.

9. She's more protective of you from other girls than Michael Jackson was dangling his kid off a balcony.

10. She likes the Yankees and Red Sox.

(In other words, no thanks!)


  1. HAHAHAHA!! this is great!

    I went to high school with the girl in the picture. She was the fakest bitch there. She wasn't emo because she was "emotional" She was emo because it's the fad.

    Being emo is a fad to express your "individualism", but what these emo fucks don't realize is you can't be an individual if all these other emo fucks are doing the same shit lolololol.

    This bitch would slice her wrists all up and down her arms, to the point where they left scars. Everyone thought she was psycho. She did it all for attention.

    You should see the father of her baby, he's a scrawny motherfucker, just as "emo" as her.

    MAN i feel bad for that kid.

  2. i'd bang that chick

  3. This Girl is pretty, ill be giving her a rough time in bed...