July 21, 2009

In Spokane, we bring flare guns to bar fights

Only in Spokane...

A female bar patron suffered a one-inch burn to her face early today when she was shot with a flare gun inside the Top Hat Tavern, 6412 N. Division St.

Police said the smell of powder was still evident when they arrived to the 1:30 a.m. call.

Witnesses said a man in his middle 20s entered the bar and was trying to talk to a woman at the bar but was being rude, so the victim and bartender tried to intervene.

The assailant became argumentative and drew a flare gun. He shot the woman from a distance of about five to seven feet before fleeing the tavern with the gun. He was last seen headed north on Division Street in a red sport-utility vehicle, possibly a Ford Explorer, said Officer Tim Moses.

So be warned, if you see a man brandishing a flare gun in a Spokane bar, get the hell out of there.

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