July 21, 2009

Things people shouldn't trust me with...

1. Live animals with sharp claws and a hunger for human flesh (aka any small housecat) because they'll quickly end up locked in a car with the windows rolled up.

2. A suitcase nuke.
I tend to lose my carkeys on a regular basis so who knows where I'd forget this thing. Probably at the STA Bus Plaza.

3. Money.
My... that split Randy Moss jersey with half being a Vikings jersey and half being a Patriots jersey looks mighty cool. What's this 100 dollar bill doing in my wallet?

4. Directions.
Actual dialougue between me and my friend Dylan the other day...

"So you go down this street, follow it a long ways, I mean like a LONG ways. Seriously. Okay now when you get to this four-way stop, and I mean there's a lot of four way stops but when you get to this one... I'm not sure where it is exactly, take a left, and then a little ways past this church take a right at these apartments, not sure what the name of them are, and be sure you have the right one because there are lots of apartments around there."

5. Responsibility.
You mean I was suppose to turn off the coffee pot this morning?

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