July 21, 2009

The JustSON of North Mailbag (These aren't made up, we promise)

We're kicking off another great feature here at JustSON. This is our first mailbag from (wink wink) user emails that I'll try to answer.

Don't you think this nude video controversy taken of a certain female ESPN sideline reporter from a hotel room peephole is just terrible?
- E. Andrews, Bristol, CT

One of my friend's first reactions to the news of a nude sideline reporter video was "how the hell did they get the video from a hotel room peephole? I thought they were one way." And that certainly got me thinking about actual hotel room privacy.

Recently it came out that the people that did this needed about $600 worth of equipment and some seriously perverted intentions. That's it.

Rest easy during your next road trip! I know I will.

Although to be fair, I doubt a video of a slightly overweight ginger walking around naked might not be quite as popular as this sideline reporter. Just a hunch.

Brandon, why don't you talk about hockey? - J. Willits, somewhere in Canada

Real hockey fans can spot me a mile away at Chiefs fans. I'm the one singing to Cotton-Eye Joe, telling players that they "need to get in a fight" with 10 seconds left in the period, and the guy that shows up to the game 20 minutes late and stands up frequently in front of people.

People can just come to the conclusion that I'm not a hockey fan. Now if I started trying to talk about a sport I know nothing about, I'd become Dave Sims.

What was the worst moment of your life? - G. Lucas, Hollywood, Calif.

For me, it was when I watched your ridiculous bastardization of my childhood in "Indiana Jones 4" Mr. Lucas. It was so bad that I can't watch the old Indiana Jones movies anymore without thinking of that guy named like a chick from the Transformer movies and aliens.

For Casey, it was when he discovered the Eastern Bunny wasn't real. He cried in his college dorm room for days.

Why is it that one of you guys is engaged, and the other one can be seen on weekends at Star Trek conventions doing his William Shatner impression? - D. Phil, Los Angeles, Calif.

Two paths in life actually. One of us spent his free time working out and developing a healthy social life. The other watched SportsCenter for 18 hours straight one day, passed up a free date with a girl to go to a Shock game and has the same diet as John Madden. You mix and match which one is Casey and which one is me.

Well that's it for the mailbag, if you have any more questions... send it to our email on the right.

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