July 30, 2009

JustSON writer on steroids

Since apparently everyone has done steroids, I've become very suspicious towards Casey.

You see the photo to the right? This is how Casey looked five years ago when he went to school at Eastern Washington University. Now I don't want to make an accusations or anything because he never tested positive for drugs during his college career but this does bring up a red flag.

I'd also like to point out that Casey was known to dabble in professional wrestling and was quite the power hitter in office softball games. Even though I was the one that put on 40 pounds between my freshman year of college and now - I would also like to state that in office softball games I couldn't get the thing out of the outfield and I have more chins that Ken Griffey Jr.

Casey = PEDs, Brandon = Hot Pockets.

Question though, if Casey is indeed on the roids, who lives longer?


  1. THIS GUY GOT SYNTHOL INJECTIONS - THIS look IS IMPOSSIBLE to achieve w STEROIDS! (Altho he probably was on 'roids, also)
    NO ONE on STEROIDS E V E R got to look like THIS! Got that straight? UNNERSTAN? (Dumpkopfs, sheesh...)

  2. Oh, I should have added, since the public is so unbelievably ignorant, so acutely misinformed - on top of his misshapen SYNTHOL deformities, this is a MORPHED image! (look it up if you don't know what MORPH means)