July 3, 2009

Portland just got a whole lot uglier, but better at basketball

The Turkish version of Michael Jordan is headed to Portland, meaning that fans will not only be treated to the 56-year old man face of Greg Oden but also the man to the right, Hedo Turkoglu.

Not only does he lead the league is "three-pointers that break the back of the opposition" but also the "did the foreign guy just do something that stupid!??!?!" moments as well.

The Trailblazers hope that this will take some of the scoring pressure off of Brandon Roy and scare away small children from the front row.

What do you think of the Turkogly signing and why is the NBA Most-Improved Trophy (to your right) a glorified paint can?


  1. I think that the NBA can go somewhere and die. Miserable team stealing league.

  2. Thats a bit much. GO LAKERS!