July 5, 2009

Seattle-Boston Game Log for Sunday

With the Seattle Mariners going for a sweep of the Boston Red Sox, which would knock them out of the division lead of the AL East, I decided to sit down and write up a game log for the 10:30 a.m. matchup. Here's what I got.

10:15 - I'm thinking that morning baseball is fantastic, the MLB should schedule their Sundays like the NFL and have morning games, afternoon games and then throw in two prime time matchups. I think people would plan their Sundays around these games instead of "Oh, there's a game on!" sort of deal. Sell the Sunday game rights to national channels and you might have something cooking.

10:17 - Jack Zouriencik, the M's GM, looks like he belongs on the Sopranos or Daddy Warbucks from Annie.

10:27 - "First sweep in team history at Fenwat Park" is going to be mentioned 100 times during this game. Over under?

10:30 - Seattle is 2.5 games back of LA and Texas. If they pull to the division lead, look for a "Greatest Moments from the first half of the 2009 season" special by FSN.

10:41 - Sox get through the first half of the inning, which brings Brandon Morrow out to the mound. He immediately strikes out JD Drew. Yep. Crazy, JD Drew striking out. I'm shocked.

Wait... Dustin Pedroia homers! Special thanks to FSN for jinxing Morrow by saying "there's no reason this guy can't win a lot of games."

10:46 - Make that 2 home runs as Big Papi goes yard. He's quickly reviving his career, kind of like how Bob Saget was able get back into the limelight by telling dirty jokes. Stunning. Brandon Morrow's bobblehead should have a swivel action.

10:57 - My buddy Dylan and I were talking about the Emerald Queen strike tracker and Dylan insists its completely bogus since it doesn't take into account batter height and Griffey's double chins.

11:02 - Somebody holds up a sign, "I'm really a Sox fan but I lost a bet. Go Mariners" ... let's hope somebody in Massachusetts doesn't name their kid Ronny Cedeno because of a Sox loss today.

11:07 - JD Drew has two strikeouts. Wow!

11:09 - It is announced that Tim Wakefield has made the all-star game and the crowd goes wild. Dave Niehaus apparently says Mark Papelbon is congratulating Wakefield in the bullpen. Hmmm.... did Jon Papelbon have the day off? Anyways, I'm disappointed that Nick Green didn't make the cut at short stop.

11:17 - Dan Wilson sighting!

11:25 - Dave Sims now takes over the play-by-play from Niehaus. God help us.

11:37 - Ronny Cedeno clears the basses with a triple, in a play that JD Drew pretty much flubbed. 3-2 M's and I get this text message from Dylan:

"JD Drew is lucky he hit a grand slam in game six of the 2007 ALCS or I would have pinned a dead body on him by now."

11:42 - Boston does nothing in the bottom of the 4th. Oh brother, way to answer back.

11:47 - Russell Branyan strikes out for Jon Lester's 7th K. I'm pretty sure Lester rolled the ball on the ground towards home play and Branyan swung anyways.

11:57 - Franklin GutiƩrrez works on a 50-pitch at-bat against Lester. Chopper gets lost in the sun. Youkilis kicks the dead ball fair, too bad it doesn't count. Then a sac fly leads to a 4-2 Mariners lead in the fifth.

12:19 - You know, who the hell watches Portland Beaver broadcasts?

12:22 - Jacoby hits a homer and it's a four to three ball game!

12:26 - Morrow strikes out Varitek to end the sixth. So other than three solo shots, the Sox have no offense.

12:32 - Branyan strikes out again. It's like he goes up there to swing for the fences or something.

12:33 - Lopez strikes out, number nine for Lester.

12:38 - After giving up a walk to Griffey, Tito pulls the plug on Lester.

12:40 - Justin Masterson comes in for the Sox. He strikes out Gutierrez, who according to FSN is hitting .957 recently, which is the greatest batting average known to man. Ever. Thanks FSN.

12:54 - Two outs, Two on. Big Papi up. Can we have some of that old magic back? The Fenway Faithful cheer him on and bam! Base Hit! JD Drew scores and we have a tied ballgame.

1:02 - Mark Lowe walks in the go-ahead run to Ellsbury. Seattle's catcher walks out to talk to his pitcher, eliciting the line "Hopefully Kenji was able to go out there and straighten him up."

(Since when did Kenji have Yoda-esque qualities and a golden English speaking tongue?)

10 Pitches, 1 Strike. Mark Kotsay drives in two runs. 7-4 Sox. Lowe is yanked and Kenji apparently didn't have much to say.

1:09 - Wild pitch by Sean White and it's an 8-4 ballgame.

1:17 - Masterson goes 1-2-3 in the top of the eighth.

1:24 - Sean White looks terrible but gets out of the inning. Mariners now down to their last three outs.

1:27 - I know Cedeno has been good in this series but is he the guy you want starting a rally?

Flyout brings up Ichiro. Nick Green in a rare show of defensive competency, throws Ichiro out.

1:31 - I'm guessing the final out will be Branyan striking out.

1:32 - Nope! I was wrong, he flied out to Drew and the Sox win the game. This keeps them in the lead of the AL East. Phew!

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