July 22, 2009

Sox pick up Adam LaRoche as Pittsburgh has officially become the farm team of Boston

Unlike the Ben Rolisthberger story, which ESPN refuses to cover for some reason, this comes over the wire with no delay. If he proves to be as effective in the transition to the Red Sox as Jason Bay was, I say Boston should fleece the Pittsburgh Pirates everytime the trade deadline looms.

PITTSBURGH -- The Boston Red Sox are hoping this latest trade for the Pittsburgh Pirates' leading power hitter turns out as well as last season's.

The Red Sox acquired slumping first baseman Adam LaRoche on Wednesday for two mid-level prospects, less than a year after they picked up All-Star outfielder Jason Bay from the Pirates.

And now if he could just pitch for Brad Penny...

By the way if you Google image LaRoche, you get a photo of him puking in a toilet and one of him bow-hunting. That's certainly a good sign.

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