July 23, 2009

The last time I went to Portland...

I'm headed out for the weekend to Portland today where I'll be attending a good friend's wedding. While I'm certainly excited to go to the wedding, the last time I went to Portland, I had what you would call an EPIC Hangover.

EPIC Hangover -
When you are incapacitated or feeling the effects of alcohol consumption for at least two days, the first day involving the inability for you to stand up without wanting to hurl.

And the problem with having this EPIC Hangover, was the fact that we had tickets to a Portland Trailblazers game. So I had to somehow go from this...

To this...

After roughly a four hour nap, enough meds to make me the next Heath Ledger, I made my triumphant entrance into the Rose Garden.

Time for Round 2, Portland.

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