July 20, 2009

Tortoise escapes circus

It must suck to be really, really slow.

Madison - A massive tortoise that made a break for freedom this month in Wisconsin has been corralled and sent to rejoin its circus family in New Jersey.

The 114-pound male tortoise is part of the Zerbini Family Circus in Trenton, N.J.

Berta escaped during a July 7 show in Madison. He was spotted six days later when he wandered onto a golf course two miles away.

Circus owner and producer Alain Zerbini says he'll be glad to have Berta back, not only because he was expensive but because he's been "part of the family" for 10 years.

A friend of Zerbini picked up Berta from the local Humane Society on Friday. Zerbini says he expects to have Berta back in a few days.

Berta can't do any tricks, but Zerbini says he's still a crowd-pleaser just because "he's a big tortuga."

"Follow me! Follow me to Freedom!" ... two miles away.

I would like to point out that Casey and I did not help break the tortoise out of the circus, but if given the oppourtunity, we probably would have. What's the use though? He's slower than Shaq on the fast break.

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