July 13, 2009

What you missed over the weekend...

Seattle ... might be a contender in the AL West - There's no better way to end the first half of the season with a series win over the Texas Rangers. Currently sitting four games behind the LA Angels in the standings and three and a half games behind Texas - they're sticking around which is more than most people expected from them this season. Last year they were 37-58 at the break, this year they're 46-42. Hmmmm.

The Spokane Shock won the biggest game of the af2 regular season... ever - It was No. 1 vs. No. 2. It was the Shock coming off the first loss of their season. It was in the midst of a playoff positioning battle for the top teams in the af2. And they delivered a great game as Spokane came out on top 56-52 over the No. 2 Wilkes/Baree Scranton Pioneers. And no, Michael Scott was not there. Guess who missed it because of a wedding - this guy.

The Sounders FC beat the best team in the MLS - We already covered this but I mean, that's awesome.

Brandon learned that working at 6 am in the morning is best experienced after precisely one hour of sleep - Best night and morning ever. No joke.

Casey caught a squirrel - and promptly ate it for dinner. MMMmm.

UFC 100 happened - And Brock Lesnar won. First time I've ever been interested in a UFC event. I think this is going somewhere.

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