July 13, 2009

Things you shouldn't do at your buddy's Bachelor party

1. Assign him as the designated driver so you can get slobbernocked.

2. Tell everybody that "Hey, I just kind of want to take it easy tonight, how about we all just go to Starbucks."

3. Start handing out pamphlets at the bar for a religious service on Sunday.

4. Bring your mother along.

5. Call the police just in case something bad happens.

6. Tell the guys at the Piano bar that you're at they're a bunch of pusses because they can't play Thriller. Then follow through with a Michael Jackson dance to "Rocketman" just to prove your point.

7. Call the bride to be and tell her she needs to come by for a cameo.

8. Call the bride to be and tell her you're secretly in love with her.

9. Sit in the corner of the bar because the flatscreen TV is showing "The Rookie" on TBS.

10. Work the next morning at 6 a.m.

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