August 14, 2009

About the EWU marching band... just kidding!

I feel sorry for the EWU band students who thought they were going to have a lot of Dungeons and Dragons time on their hands.

Eastern Washington University officials have reversed their decision to discontinue the marching band, they announced this afternoon.

Faced with $13.3 million in budget cuts, the college had decided to cut marching band, which would have saved about $30,000 this year.

“EWU has faced severe budget reductions in the past six months and eliminating the band seemed like one of many budget reduction possibilities,” Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs John Mason said in a press release. “But recent robust enrollment projections, not available at the time the University’s budget reduction plan was adopted, mean the University will have funds to support the marching band.”

Alumni that were suddenly worried about the lack of a marching band (even though they didn't even notice them during games) can now rest easy, and the rest of us can continue to point and mock.

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