August 13, 2009

Nothing says "I give up" more than mom jeans

I was at the Spokane Indians games yesterday and I noticed a large amount of Mom jeans. Now the promotion of the night was "Go Green" so I doubt that energy saving had much to do with the fashion choice of the fans, unless you got half price for looking frumpy.

Who came up with mom jeans? And who thinks that this sort of fashion actually looks remotely presentable? To your right is Jessica Simpson. By most accounts, guys would say she's an incredibly attractive lady regardless of if she put on a couple extra pounds.

Now give her some mom jeans and now she looks like a before photo in a Jenny Craig commercial.

Yikes! Not exactly the desired effect you want to have with your jeans. The two belts don't really help either.

So please, join me in the campaign to do away with Mom Jeans and stick with either shorts, regular jeans or sweatpants.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go firebomb a Walmart.

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