August 6, 2009

Barcelona FC makes quick work of Sounders

Well the Sounders FC didn't have many answers for the big boys of soccer as they fell to FC Barcelona on Wednesday night 4-0. Things I noticed about that match...

- FC Barcelona playing on the highest level of professional soccer is obviously a much better team than a MLS squad. This was very apparent as there were large stretches of the game where Seattle did not even have possession of the ball. The difference between these two teams was very visible.

- The biggest crowd in Seattle soccer history attended the game, over 66,000 were in the seats on a Wednesday night. Which is great, but how can you celebrate when you're team in beat 4-0. I understand Barcelona is from a much higher league but if you're just the glorified Washington Generals, what's the point? That's American Soccer's biggest problem, we suck and the biggest soccer spectacles basically highlight that.

- Barcelona was wearing pink jerseys...

I dunno, I have very mixed feelings about this match. It's great that the team has all this support and that they're able to play great teams like FC Barcelona, but essentially it's just for show. Will the experience help the team? Who knows. They got drubbed though.

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