August 7, 2009

Central Florida is apparently a bunch of drunks

I've tried tailgating at like seven in the morning before. Not really a whole lot of fun, basically because my stomach doesn't really like anything in it before like 9 am. However, I would be the minority if I were an alumni for the Central Florida...

Longtime UCF fan John Warbington still can't fathom changing his schedule.

"For years and years, I was the first person at UCF football games," he said. "I'm not exaggerating. ... I can't believe they're taking this game-day experience away from me."

Warbington is one of many UCF fans upset about changes to tailgating rules being imposed this year for home games.

The university previously allowed tailgating on campus starting at 7 a.m. as long as the game was not on Sunday. UCF has now decided to open tailgate lots and waivers allowing fans to drink alcohol on campus at noon if a home game starts at 6 p.m. or later. If a game starts before 6 p.m., the lots open at 8 a.m.

The change was proposed by the 20-member game-day committee, which includes representatives from the university, student government, community and athletics association.

After four months of discussion, the tailgating changes were approved by UCF President John Hitt. The new rules were posted on the UCF athletics Web site in June and later noticed by fans.

Vice Admiral Al Harms, who is chairman of the game-day rules committee, said the group was concerned about fans tailgating and drinking alcohol for more than 10 hours on game days.

"We felt it was excessive," he said. "It wasn't setting the appropriate atmosphere we wanted to have on campus."

You mean people being piss drunk by 10 in the morning? That's what college is all about! Come on, if these people really have nothing better to do at the butt crack of dawn, shouldn't you just let them carry on their sad little drunk lives. I mean it's what they live for. And you're crushing it.

Something tells me that Florida International is about to get a whole lot of new fans.

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