August 7, 2009

Signs that John Smoltz is washed up

1. See this photo above: "Give me the ball, give me the ball, that's right, you're done. Seriously, get out of here. Run back to the dugout like you're trying to time travel... 88 MPH."

2. You know all the gags about Charlie Sheen's character in "Major League II?"

Hotel Valet: "I thought you started tonight Mr. Vaughn..."
Vaughn: "I did"
Valet: "Oh..."

Yeah that's actually happening to Smoltz in real life.

4. The Canadian Football League is calling to see if the Red Sox want to make a trade.

5. The Red Sox are considering making Michael Vick a starter in their rotation. He's got to be more accurate throwing the ball than Smoltz.

6. He probably would make Ronny Cedeno look like Albert Pujols.

7. He's already appearing in those "National Scooter Store" commercials.

8. His teammates ask him what it was like to play in the Dead Ball era.

9. His fastball would get a ticket for not going fast enough on I-90.

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