August 25, 2009

Note to Pete Rose... nobody cares about you

Every year when the sports news gets a little thin, ESPN jumps on the "Is Pete Rose going to be re-instated?" which has all the punch of a cow taking a dump.

Really? We're still talking about Pete Rose? The man committed the mortal sin of betting on a sport he was still part of, completely undermining the credibility of it and bringing into question the validity of the results as a whole.

Basically if your sport doesn't have those two things, you don't have a sport, you have the WWE.

Rose is a douche in the biggest way. He's financially benefited from his judgment error by finally admitting to betting on baseball (after years of denial) by publishing a book!

No press conference. No admitting to the media. Pete Rose used a money-making book tour. Why would anyone have any sympathy towards this guy?

Really, if he finally gets into the museum of baseball, he's going to have quite a few tarnishes on that bronze statue of his.

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