August 24, 2009

Time to get ready for some EWU Football

I just realized that in less than two weeks, the Eastern Washington Eagles will be kicking off another season of college football. You have no idea how happy this makes me, NCAA sanctions or not.

Their first opponent? Div. II Western Oregon.

Something tells me I should hold my tongue after the Eags got upset by Div. II Central Washington a few years back but something tells me that EWU will do just fine against the mighty WOU. How exactly does that roll off the tongue? Sounds like I'm making a cat call or something.

Now granted most colleges play down for their first game to get a little bit of work in before playing more important games, but it makes me wonder - who does Western Oregon play to warm up for the season?

1. Hanford High School
2. College for people who think football is actually soccer
3. The Over-60 Team Canada Football team
4. The Spokane Shock Dance Team

I love college football. Can't wait! Season Opener in Cheney, Wash. on Sept. 5!

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