August 31, 2009

Remembering hookups that we all regret...

This question was posed in Bill Simmons' mailbag on This has to go in some file as all-time funniest mailbag emails from readers, and the best part is, this comes from Seattle, Wash.

Q: My freshman year of college, my roomate had this old girlfriend coming to see him. He went on and on for weeks about how hot she was and all the great sex they were gonna have. Then she showed up, had just gotten out of a back brace due to a car accident and had gained an honest no BS 50lbs. Having no real out, he got drunk and slept with her anyway and then spent the rest of the year defending it. The point is, I had forgotten all about this years ago and then suddenly Dumars resigned Ben Wallace, and it all came flooding back.
-- Mark, Seattle, Wash.

This does bring up some interesting questions about human nature. I mean guys will sleep with just about anybody, regardless of the ramifications and medical "issues." But I'm not going to be one to judge, I do have a question for all guys out there though...

If the girl was at one time hot, but is no longer hot when you sleep with her, have you slept with somebody that was hot?

(And for you out there that think this question is a little too adult, mainly my parents and relatives, keep in mind that this is just in good fun, I'm not actually advocating random hookups. It's JustSON! Where we talking about Casey's fiancee farting and random hookups with ugly girls. Enjoy!)

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  1. Coming from Brandon Hansen, who's hooked up with more alien creatures than Captain Kirk.