August 12, 2009

Soccer is quickly consuming my gaming soul

I was over at Jose Romero's Seattle Times blog on the Sounders FC and he posted a screen shot of the FIFA 10 game from EA Sport. While my sports video game love has to go to the Madden series, I may now pick up FIFA as well.

Why? Well I remember having a soccer game for the NES and it being among my favorite games to play. Despite being low-scoring, soccer translates pretty well to the controller. Passes, slide tackles and trying to fend off penalty kicks... it's was all in the NES game so I can only imagine was 2010 will bring the poser soccer fan like myself.

Since soccer is always in action, it's a lot more for the gamer to digest than say trying to break up a no-hitter against the computer.

It's funny but basketball and baseball really don't translate that well to video games (compared to Madden) while hockey and soccer games seem to fare much better. I'd be much more inclined to play a match against a friend than a nine-inning baseball game that would take three-hours in real time.

Now all the game needs is repetitive commentary about the players putting stick-um on their hand and we have ourselves a product.

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